University of Bath

Department of Mathematical Sciences

BATH/RAL Numerical Analysis Day

Monday 4th November 2002 in room 3E 2.2

10.00am Poster Session - Bath PhD students (on all day)

10.15am Coffee

10.50am Dr Robert Scheichl (Bath)
"Decoupling and block preconditioning in sedimentary basin simulations"

11.30am Dr Jennifer Scott (RAL)
"HSL parallel direct solvers for large sparse linear systems"

12.10pm Professor Richard Brent (Oxford)
"Large Sparse Linear Systems over Finite Fields"

12.55pm Lunch

2.20pm Professor Nick Gould (RAL)
"Sequential linear programming for huge optimization problems"

3.00pm Dr Adrian Hill (Bath)
"Analysis of BDF Methods"

3.40pm Tea

4.00pm Professor Des Higham (Strathclyde)
"Numerical Analysis and Small World Graphs"

4.45pm Poster Session concludes

6.00pm Meet for informal meal in Bath

All are welcome - there is no attendance fee. For further information contact Alastair Spence (+44 1225 386011)

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