University of Bath

Department of Mathematical Sciences

BATH/RAL Numerical Analysis Day

Tuesday 28th September 2010 in the Wolfson Lecture Theatre, 4 West, Level 1

10.15am Coffee

10.50am Professor Wolfgang Hackbusch (MPI, Leipzig)
"To be announced"

11.30am Mr Jaroslav Fowkes (Oxford)
"Global Optimization of Lipschitz continuous functions"

12.10pm Dr Euan Spence (Bath)
"Boundary Integral Equations for High Frequency Scattering"

12.50pm Lunch

2.20pm Dr John Reid (RAL)
"Partial factorization of a dense symmetric indefinite matrix "

3.00pm Dr Rob Scheichl (Bath)
"Weighted Poincare Inequalities and Applications "

3.40pm Tea

4.00pm Dr Sven Hammarling (NAG&Manchester)
" The quadratic eigenvalue problem and associated software development "

6.00pm Meet for informal meal in Bath

All are welcome - there is no attendance fee. For further information contact Alastair Spence (+44 1225 386011)

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