University of Bath

Department of Mathematical Sciences

BATH/RAL Numerical Analysis Day

Monday 18th September 2006 in room 3E 2.2

10.15am Coffee

10.50am Dr Gerard Meurant (CEA/Bruyeres-le-Chatel)
"Multilevel methods for solving systems of partial differential equations"

11.30am Dr Jan Van lent  (Bath)
"Multigrid methods for time-dependent partial differential equations"

12.10pm Dr  Robert Scheichl (Bath)
"Domain decomposition for multiscale partial differential equations"

12.50pm Lunch

2.20pm Dr Alison Ramage (Strathclyde)
" Multigrid solution of discrete convection-diffusion equations "

3.00pm Dr Coralia Cartis (RAL)
" Finding a well-centered point within a polygon "

3.40pm Tea

4.00pm Professor Iain Duff (RAL)
" Direct solution of sparse skew symmetric linear systems "

6.00pm Meet for informal meal in Bath

All are welcome - there is no attendance fee. For further information contact Alastair Spence (+44 1225 386011)

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