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Numerical Linear Algebra (MA30051/MA50178) Winter Term 2018/2019

This is the website for the course MA30051: Numerical Linear Algebra, which can be taken as part of a BSc or an MMath degree.
It can also be taken as part of an MSc Course or SAMBa, in which case the course is called MA50178.
Prerequisites for the course are Analysis and Algebra as well as standard courses on Numerical Analysis.

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Some helpful links

Some Literature (all available in the library)

Lecture notes


Matlab codes

Problem Sheets

If you would like individual feedback on your solutions to the problem sheets, please hand them in during the lecture on Tuesday (or in the p/hole on level 1 by Wednesday 4:15pm at the latest) for the problem class on Thursday.


Class Test

Students taking the MA50178 version course will have to do a class test in addition to the assignment and the exam. This 60 minute written class test will take place on 11th January 2019 at 10:15 in 8W 2.13.

Below is the reading material for the class test and an exam from the previous year.

I would like you to know how to solve a least squares problem using the normal equtions, the QR decomposition, and the SVD, and how you would do it iteratively using CGLS. The above material is sufficient but you can use any books and papers you like to study the methods.


The exam takes place in January 2019.

Other interesting stuff

If you have any queries, please come and see me either after the lecture or in my office (4W 5.11) or send me an email.