Organic Chemistry Consultancy Specialists

We are a small consultancy dedicated to supporting organic chemistry projects in a variety of research environments.

Due to our size, we are very flexible to your needs, and can offer a range of assistance from ideas and suggestions via email to on-site visits, discussing chemistry issues in your research laboratory.

Academic Group
How can we help?

Our experience in project management and problem solving is available to help your research in a number of ways:-

• Suggest new synthetic routes with detailed proposals
• Troubleshoot chemical and/or practical problems
• Project management and recovery of stalled projects
• Proof read detailed scientific reports/proposals/papers
• Offer short "refresher" courses for your employees, covering a range of subjects

Or if you have other requests in which you think ChemConsultancy can help, contact us
ChemConsultancy operates a strict policy of complete confidentiality of your research interests, and is more than happy to comply with a confidentiality agreement.

For further information, please email us and we will reply as soon as possible.