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CR@B - Cancer Reseach at Bath


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We have an updated website! Please go to http://www.bath.ac.uk/cancerresearch

Cancer Research at Bath (CR@B)

The CR@B network’s mission is to facilitate interaction between departments and institutes, multi disciplinary research and provide excellent opportunities for training for its members. It is also our mission to interact with fundraisers and industry, and generally raise awareness of all aspects of cancer;


• To provide a forum to facilitate interaction between academics, clinicians, students and others with an interest in cancer

• To promote opportunities for collaborative interdisciplinary research and training of the highest standards

• To establish a platform to promote awareness of cancer research, expertise and facilities across the Bath region. Themed workshops to describe research capability, identify research problems and groups working on them.


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Upcoming Events

  • 12th Nov 2014: 10th CR@B Symposium Event
  • Previous Events

  • 9th April 2014: 9th CR@B Symposium Event
  • 27th Feb 2014: Public lecture on Cancer Research at Bath
  • 13th November 2013: 8th CR@B Symposium Event
  • 17th April 2013: 7th CR@B Symposium Event
  • 14th November 2012: 6th CR@B Symposium Event
  • 23rd October 2012: Jolly's Fund Raising Event
  • 28th March 2012: 5th CR@B Symposium Event
  • 9th November 2011: 4th CR@B Symposium Event
  • 13th and 14th Oct 2011: The Prostate Cancer National Research Conference, London
  • 13th May 2011: CR@B Showcase Event
  • 22nd September 2010: 3rd CR@B Symposium Event
  • 22nd April 2010: RSC Postgraduate Symposium in Medicinal and Biological Chemistry
  • 30th March 2010: 2nd CR@B Symposium Event
  • 11-14th December 2009: 1st International Conference On Metal Chelation in Medicine and Biology
  • 30th September 2009: 1st CR@B Symposium Event
  • 2 April 2009: 1st CR@B Network Event
  • CR@B Committee

  • Shan Bradley-Cong
    t: 07980912936

  • Lorenzo Caggiano
    t: 01225 385709

  • Andrew Chalmers
    t: 01225 385054

  • Matthew Lloyd
    t: 01225 386786

  • Andrew Medley
    t: 01225 383970

  • Adele Murrell
    t: 01225 383583

  • Sofia Pascu
    t: 01225 386627