MA50200 - Topic Review in Applied Mathematics

Academic year 2009-10, Semester 2

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Aims and learning outcomes

Aims: To introduce some interesting and important modern topics in applied mathematics. We will describe some important mathematical tools that are used/have been developed in these fields. You will then get the chance to learn more about a topic of your choice by studying some key papers in the field.

This course aims also at developing your writing and presentational skills. You will have to write a a short review of the topic you have chosen at a level appropriate for an MSC student such as yourself to read, and give a presentation on it to your peers. You will also learn through peer assessment how to critically analyse other people's work.

See also the Programme/Unit Catalogue.

General information

Organisational issues are discussed in the information sheet handed out in week one.

We hope you will enjoy the course. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any problems. The contact details are given below.

We want you to understand everything we discuss in class. Please identify the topics you find difficult to understand, and discuss them with your colleagues. Please come and see us if the problem persists.


Lecturers: Chris Budd
Office: 4W 1.8
Extension: x6241
Email:cjb at
Johannes Zimmer
Office: 4W 1.10
Extension: x6097
Email: zimmer at

Lecture time and location

Wednesdays 9:15 8W 2.31
Thursdays 15:15 3E 2.9
Fridays 14:15 8W 2.31

See the Lecture news for changes of time and location.

Preliminary timetable

Week Wednesday 9:15am Thursday 3:15am Friday 2:15pm
1 (Feb 8-12) Inverse Problems I Inverse Problems II Inverse Problems III
2 (Feb 15-19) Mathematical Chemistry I Mathematical Chemistry II Mathematical Chemistry III
3 (Feb 22-26) Multigrid I Multigrid II Multigrid III
4 (Mar 1-5) Discrete Maths I Discrete Maths II -
5 (Mar 8-12) Discrete Maths III Presentation Skills and Project Choice Bath taps into Sciences
6 (Mar 15-19) Information Literacy Information Literacy -
7 (Mar 22-26) (Drop-in Hour) Writing Skills Critical Analysis I
8 (Apr 12-16) (Drop-in Hour) - Critical Analysis II
9 (Apr 19-23) (Drop-in Hour) - Short Presentations
10 (Apr 26-30) Report due Assessed Presentations Assessed Presentations

Lecture news

Lecture notes

We will introduce you to four "hot" topics in Applied Mathematics:

In addition, workshops will be given on on "How to give a good talk", "How to write a good scientific report", "Information literacy", "Critical analysis - Effective evaluation of written materials".

Lecture notes for some of these topic will be made available as appropriate.


The references are available in pdf format.

Assessment, exams & grades

The assessment scheme is as follows.