MA50175 Topics in Differential Equations

Mathematical Materials Science

Academic year 2004-05, Semester 2

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Aims and Objectives

See the Programme/Unit Catalogue.

General information

Organisational issues are discussed in the information sheet handed out in week one.

I hope you will enjoy the course. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any problems. The contact details are given below.

I want you to understand everything we discuss in class. Please identify the topics you find difficult to understand, and discuss them with your colleagues. Please come and see me if the problem persists.


Instructor: Johannes Zimmer
Office: 1W 3.9b
Extension: x6097
Email: zimmer at

Lecture time and location

Wednesdays 9:15 3W 3.7
Thursdays 10:15 3E 3.8
Thursdays 13:15 1W 2.8A

Lecture news

Homework assignments

No Assigned Return date Homework
8 12 May 18 May pdf
7 5 May 11 May pdf
6 28 April 4 May pdf
5 17 March 14 April pdf
4 10 March 17 March pdf
3 3 March 10 March pdf
2 24 Feb 3 March pdf
1 17 Feb 24 Feb pdf

Each week some problem sheet questions will be set. Doing the problem sheet questions is an essential part of the course. Even though these problem sheets are not part of the assessed coursework, in the later tests and assessed assignments it will be assumed that you have done these questions. Moreover the content of the classes in subsequent weeks will be designed on the assumption that you have done the problem sheets.


The references are available in ps and in pdf.

Assessment, Exams & Grades

The overall course grade will be determined according to the following weights: Assessed coursework 25%, examination 75%. The Assignment will be set on Wednesday 20th April and due on Friday 6th May at 12.30 in the Departmental Office.