MA10207 - Analysis I

Academic year 2012-13, Semester 2

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Aims and learning outcomes

Aims: To define the notions of convergence, limit and continuity precisely and to give rigorous proofs of the principal theorems on the analysis of real sequences and real functions of a real variable.

Learning outcomes: After taking this unit, the students should be able to:

See also the Programme/Unit Catalogue.

General information

Organisational issues are discussed in the first lecture.

We hope you will enjoy the course. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any problems. The contact details are given below.

We want you to understand everything we discuss in class. Please identify the topics you find difficult to understand, and discuss them with your colleagues. Please come and see us if the problem persists.


Lecturer in the first half of the semester: Johannes Zimmer
Office: 4W 1.10
Extension: x6097
Email: zimmer at
Lecturer in the second half of the semester: Eugene Ryan
Office: 4W 5.17
Extension: x6060
Email: e.p.ryan at

Lecture time and location

Mondays 14:15 2W Uni Hall
Tuesdays 10:15 EB 1.1
Thursdays 16:15 EB 1.1

Lecture news

Homework assignments

No Assigned Return date Homework Model solution
20 22 April pdf pdf
19 15 April 29 April pdf pdf
18 8 April 22 April pdf pdf
17 18 March 15 April pdf pdf
16 11 March 22 March (!!) pdf pdf
15 4 March 18 March pdf pdf
14 25 February 11 March pdf pdf
13 18 February 4 March pdf pdf
12 11 February 25 February pdf pdf

Each week some problem sheet questions will be set. Doing the problem sheet questions is an essential part of the course. Even though these problem sheets are not part of the assessed coursework, in later assessed coursework and in the exam it will be assumed that you have done these questions. Moreover the content of the classes in subsequent weeks will be designed on the assumption that you have done the problem sheets. The homework is due on the following Monday (there is a pigeon hole marked MA10207 in 4W level 1 for you to hand in your solutions).

Lecture notes

A set of lecture notes is available in pdf format.


See the reading list for Year 1.

Assessment, exam & grades

Exam 100%. The exam will take place in the assessment period in May/June. This is a year-long unit for which the Semester 1 Exam counts one third and the Semester 2 Exam counts two thirds. The Semester 2 Exam includes material from Semester 1.

Past exam papers

Past exam papers are available from the library webpage, see past 10207 papers.