Research Group

Name Office Phone Email
Matthias Klar (PhD) 4W 3.38 ++44 (0)1225 38 56 37 m.klar‘at’
Johannes Zimmer 6W 1.4 ++44 (0)1225 38 60 97 zimmer
          ‘at’ cv (pdf)

Contact details

Further contact details, including mailing address, fax number and campus map, can be found here.

Past postdoctoral scholars

Name Period
Marios Stamatakis 2014 - 2017
						      link  Augusto Gerolin 2015 - 2016
Daniel Sutton 2014 - 2015
Natalia Babych 2006 - 2007

Past PhD students

Name Graduation PhD title
Federico Cornalba 2019 Modelling, regularisation, and analysis of Dean-Kawasaki type equations
Marcus Kaiser 2018 Variational Structures for Dynamical Fluctuations, In and Out of Equilibrium
Peter Embacher 2018 A novel passage from particle data to PDEs out of equilibrium
Horacio González Duhart Muñoz De Cote 2015 Large Deviations for Boundary Driven Exclusion Processes
						      link  Manh Hong Duong 2014 Large deviation and variational approaches to generealized gradient flows
Daniel Sutton 2013 Microscopic Hamiltonian systems and their effective description
						      link  Vaios Laschos 2013 Entropic Gradient Flows on the Wasserstein Space via Large Deviations from Thermodynamic Limits
						      link  Carl Friedrich Kreiner 2007 A variational approach to travelling waves in particle chains with on-site potential

Past long-time visitors

Name Period
						      link  Shangjiang Guo Jul - Aug 2016
						      link  Nadia Ansini (Marie Curie Fellow) Aug 2013 - Jan 2015
						      link  Salma Lahbabi Jul - Aug 2014
						     link  Shangjiang Guo Jul - Aug 2013
						     link  Dietmar Hömberg Sep - Dec 2012
						     link  Shangjiang Guo Jul - Aug 2011
						     link  Mark Peletier Aug 2010 - May 2011