Influence Of Objective Three Dimensional Measures And Movement Images On Surgeon Treatment Planning For Lip Revision Surgery

Trotman, C-A, Phillips, C., Faraway, J., Hartman, T. & van Aalst, J. (2012)

Each movie shows three views of the subject. The middle view shows the frontal aspect while the two side views are shown alongside. Note that in the side views, the markers on the opposite side of the face are not shown to avoid confusion. Head motion has been filtered out using Procrustes methods as described in the paper.
Each movie follows the same sequence of motions. First ten replicates of the action are shown. Secondly, these 10 replicates are then shown compared to a control mean subject motion. The subject markers are shown in red and the control mean markers as open circles. The control mean motion has been adjusted to start from the same initial pose as the subject to ease the comparison of the motions without the confusion of different starting points.
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