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gdf <- group_by(wcgs, cut(linpred, breaks=unique(quantile(linpred, (1:100)/100))))


gdf <- group_by(wcgs, ntile(linpred,100))

The original fails because the largest and smallest values get sorted into an NA category. The ntile function chooses the breakpoints so that there are a roughly equal number of observations per bin. We choose 100 bins. This should be varied according to the size of the dataset.

gdf <- group_by(wcgsm, cut(linpred, breaks=unique(quantile(linpred, (1:100)/101))))


gdf <- group_by(wcgsm, ntile(linpred,100))
> c(hlstat, nrow(hldf))
[1] 127.99 100.00
> 1-pchisq(127.99, 100-2)
[1] 0.02262
rmodr <- refit(rmod, ryield)


rmodr <- lmer(ryield ~ treat + (1|blend), penicillin)

The replacement achieves the same intended purpose but is slightly less efficient than the original. - p378 LHS of formula for the likelihood ratio test statistic is missing a minus