Below is a time-line of my work experience to date, providing further details of my responsibilities and roles where appropriate.

  • 17th July 17 to 21st July 17 - Engineering Summer School Instructor - University of Bath

    In 2017 the University of Bath ran its first ever electrical engineering summer school as part of the widening participation program. Working alongside two other researchers, I wrote the syllabus for this event, including the development of a suitable project, construction of a detailed lab-script, acquisition and preparation of resources and associated health and safety documentation. We also oversaw and ran the summer school for the duration of the week. The event went without incident and every student was able to take home a functional prototype of their own creation, having gained an insight into what studying an electrical engineering degree may involve.

  • 16th June 14 to 19th Sept 14 - Undergraduate Research/Electrical Design Engineer - University of Bath

    During the summer of 2014 I worked as an Electrical Design Engineer, designing a new capacitive tomography imaging system for the University of Bath. This involved the full design and development of a four layer controller PCB using OrCAD Candace and Allegro. A CPLD was used as the main processor and a full system state machine was implemented in System Verilog to control the final imaging system. An on-board flash memory was implemented, allowing it to run pre-programmed imaging processes as a stand-alone system.

  • 2nd July 12 to 1st August 13 - PowerDrive Electrical Sustaining Engineering Intern - Schlumberger

    As part of the University of Baths undergraduate program I spent a year in industry working within the PowerDrive Sustaining team at Schlumberger. This greatly developed my team work, engineering and leadership skills. Alongside my day to day roles as a sustaining engineer, I was also responsible for project managing the development of a new hardware in loop test system. This required me to work closely with other team members and external contractors to ensure that all requirements and deadlines were met.

  • 4th July 11 to 5th Sept 11 - Undergraduate Design Engineer - AGD Systems LTD

    For the summer of 2011 I worked as an Undergraduate Design Engineer at AGD Systems LTD. During this time I helped design a new product line for the company which has since gone on to full production and sale within the traffic industry.