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Department of Psychology
University of Bath 
United Kingdom


For the academic year 1998/9, the Department of Psychology has placed 44 third-year students in clinical and non-clinical placements in Britain, America, Australia, Italy, and Austria. For more information about current and future placements, contact by e-mail.

Research Topics

(a) The effects of education groups on young adult offenders with alcohol problems. 

(b) Moral development.

(c) Ethnographic studies of bio-ethics.

Recent Publications

Haste H and Baddeley J Moral Theory and Culture The Case For Gender, Chapter in The Handbook of Moral Development, 1991, Erlbaum

Baddeley J and Velleman R The ACE Project, Justice of the Peace, 137 (33), pp 520-522, August 1993.

Baddeley J Nursing 2000 Distance Learning Psychology Modules 1 and 2. University of Bath, 1993.

Baddeley J and Velleman R The evaluation of the alcohol, crime and education project (ACE), 1990-93. Final report to the Home Office, June 1995.


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