Recent Publications and Public lectures (selection): Professor Helen Haste


Recent publications

1996 Communitarianism and the social construction of morality.
Journal of Moral Education, 25(1), 47-55

1997 [with K Helkama and D Markoulis] Morality across the lifespan
In W Doise and A Demetriou (eds), Lifespan Developmental Psychology; European perspectives, Chichester: Wiley , 317-350

1997 Myths, monsters and morality; understanding 'anti-science' and the media message
Interdisciplinary Science Reviews, 22(2), 114-120

1999 Moral understanding in socio-cultural context; lay social theory and a Vygotskian synthesis.
In M Woodhead, D Faulkner and K Littleton (eds) Making Sense of Social Development, London: Routledge

2000 Sexual metaphors and current feminisms.
In A Bull, H Diamond and RMarsh (eds) Feminism and Women's Movements in Contemporary Europe, London: Macmillan pp21-34

2000 Are women human?
In N Roughley (ed) Being Human, Berlin/New York: de Gruyter pp 175-196

2000 Mapping Britain's Moral Values
Nestlé Family Monitor/MORI pp 28

2001 Challenging dualism: sexual metaphors and changing models of science and rationality, In H Ajroud (ed) Dualities, University of Tunis Press pp 85-102

2001 The irrational fear of the irrational. In J Herrick (ed) Rationalism in the twenty-first century; proceedings of the RPA centennial conference, London: Rationalists Press Association pp 42-48

2001 Ambiguity, autonomy and agency; psychological challenges to new competence. In D Rychen and L Salganik (eds) Defining and Selecting Competencies, OECD/Huber and Hogrefe pp 93-120

2001 The new citizenship of youth in rapidly changing nations. Human Development, 44(6), 375-381

2003 Moral responsibility, moral creativity and citizenship education, In D Wallace (ed) Art, Science and Morality; creative journeys, New York: Plenum Press (in press)

2003 Frameworks and metaphors for sustainability; the tensions between cultural change and educational practice. In W A H Scott and S Gough (eds) Key Issues in Sustainable Development and Learning; a critical review, London: Routledge (in press)

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Public lectures and Conference Keynote Addresses (selection)

1991 - Dinosaurs, sex, morals and metaphor.
Presidential Address, Psychology Section, British Association for the Advancement of Science Annual Meeting, Plymouth, August

1993 - Jurassic Park and the cultural maelstrom; the mixed moral messages of science.
British Association for the Advancement of Science Annual Meeting, University of Keele, August

1994 - What do we really know about children's moral development that is useful in the school?
Keynote address, Association of Educational Psychologists Annual Course, Liverpool, October

1996 - Frankenstein in Hollywood; fear, fascination and Faustian fallacies
Frankenfest conference, COPUS, The Royal Institution, London, January

1996 - Making sense of the world
Royal Society Lecture for the Public, The Royal Society, October 3

1997 - Mr Spock and Dr Strangelove
BAAS History of Science Section, September 9, University of Leeds

1997 - Moral Panics and Moral Panaceas
Keynote address: Annual Conference of the BPS Education Section, November 14:

1998 - Sexual metaphors in societies at war
UNESCO conference on Women and Moral Emotions, University of Haifa, June

2000 - The stories that psychologists tell (keynote address)
British Psychological Society History and Philosophy Section annual conference, York, April

2000 - Metaphor (invited address)
Institute of Contemporary Arts series 'To Experiment", February

2000 - The gender metaphors that inflame (Invited address)
International Committee for the Elimination of Violence in the Family Conference, Nicosia, Cyprus, November

2002 - Prometheus, Pandora and the Sorcerer's Apprentice
Friday evening Discourse, The Royal Institution, February

2002 - Images that bind, images that free; women (and men) in the 21st century
Keynote address Mediterranean Institute for Gender Studies, Nicosia, Cyprus, March

2002 - Women in science, women and science - where are we now? In honour of Dorothy Hodgkin
Invited address to open the Dorothy Hodgkin Building, Keele University May 28

2002 - Constructing the citizen (Presidential Address)
International Society of Political Psychology annual conference, Berlin, July

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