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XX20231: Mathematical and Statistical Methods for the Life Sciences
MA30063: Mathematical Biology 2

in previous years:

Director of Studies Science PGT for Mathematics: MSc Mod. Appl. Math. / SAMBa CDT
MA50200: MSc Project Scoping within MSc in Modern Applications of Mathematics
MA20218: Analysis 2A
MA10202: Modelling the dynamics of life 2
MA40203: Theory of Partial Differential Equations
MA50175: Topics in differential equations within MSc in Modern Applications of Mathematics
Director of Studies MSc in Mathematical Biology
MA40197: Advanced Mathematical Biology
MA40197: Mathematical Modelling in Ecology, Evolution and Epidemiology within MSc in Mathematical Biology
MA40045: Dynamical Systems
MA20013: Mathematical modelling & fluids
MA10208: Methods and Applications 1
XX20196: Process dynamics, modelling and control
XX20164: Mathematics 3 for Chemical Engineering (Numerical Methods & MATLAB)
MSc Mod. Appl. Math. : Matlab Introduction

MATLAB example
bell.m function file from exercise sheet #2

postgraduate supervision:

2017-18: Jenny Delos Reyos (MSc Mod. Appl. Math.) Approximating Solutions of Analytic PDEs Using Multivariate Generalized Pade Approximations, jointly with Industrial Partner
2017-18: Rohan Maini (MSc Mod. Appl. Math.) Travelling waves for Fisher-type equations
2016-17: Daniel Burrows (MSc Mod. Appl. Math.) Spectral Properties of the Fox-Li Operator, jointly with Industrial Partner
2016-17: Chris Davies (MSc Mod. Appl. Math.) On the Classification Hill profiles, jointly with Industrial Partner
2012-17: Kleio Petratou (PhD BBSRC SWDTP) Clonal analysis of neural crest stem cell development in vivo
2011-15: Alberto Lapedriza (PhD Biosciences/Math. Biol.) A systems biology approach to gene regulatory networks
2009-13: Daniel Sutton (Mathematical Sciences PhD) Microscopic Hamiltonian Systems and their effective description
2011-12: Elizabeth Gothard (MSc Math. Biol.) An analysis of gene content variation in a large sample of Staphylococcus aureus
2010-11: Nikolaos Psarros (MSc Math. Biol.) A Mixture of Defectors and Cooperators Can Enable Maximal Group Benefit
2010-11: Eleni Christodoulou (MSc Math. Biol.) Delay differential equations in modelling therapies for Diabetes
2009-10: Jenna Reps (MSc Math. Biol.) Investigating the complement system evasive strategies of Staphylococcus aureus
2008-09: Peter Farnall (MSc Math. Biol.) A Cellular Automaton modell for Tumour growth
2007-08: Stephen Raper (MSc Math. Biol.) A cellular automaton model of Xanthophore Migration in Zebrafish Embryos
2007-08: James Roberts (MSc Math. Biol.) Tumour angiogenesis in the brain
2005-07: Christine Venney (MSc Math. Sci.) Energy and shape of thin elastic sheets
2006-07: Patrick Cobb (Postgrad studies) Evolution equations in geometric analysis
2004-05: Susan Chen (MSc Mod. Appl. Math.) Numerical methods for Action at a distance Electrodynamics, jointly with Bristol based Industrial Partner
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