MA20216: Algebra 2A


This is the home page of MA20216: Algebra 2A taught by Fran Burstall.


The story so far

I keep a diary of what I covered in lectures. There is also an official syllabus and a reading list.

Here is the timetable. I shall lecture at least 5 times every 2 weeks and have a problem class whenever it seems like a good idea: mail me when you want one.

Exercise sheets

Exercise sheets will be issued weekly on Fridays and homework should be handed a week later after which solutions will be available here.

Lecture notes

By public demand but with serious misgivings, I am making typeset notes available.

WARNING: these are not a substitute for taking your own careful notes during lectures. In particular, these notes are a work in progress and will certainly contain many mistakes (if you find any, report them to me!).


Look here for recordings of lectures.


There are two forums on moodle associated to this unit where you can ask me questions (equally, you can just send me an email):

You can unsubscribe to either forum if they do not interest you.


This unit is assessed 100% by exam. Generic exam feedback will be available early in the spring. Individual exam feedback will be offered after the marks come out.

Other things to read


I welcome feedback in the form of constructive comments or criticism.

Problems with this site?

If you encounter any problems while using this site, send me mail describing as completely as you can what has gone wrong.

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