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The Automobile Storage Co is a small flexible company providing high quality, secure, dehumidified car storage at very competitive rates. Run by Geraint and Charlotte Owen, two dedicated and enthusiastic old car owners. We provide a flexible service offered at a price that is significantly lower than any of our competitors. Whilst we are old car enthusiasts and understand running classic and vintage cars, as our business has grown we have found ourselves specialising in long term storage of more modern cars for people working overseas.


Discretely located in rural Herefordshire close to the end of the M50, we have good access to the Midlands, South West and only just over 2hours from London along the motorways/dual carriageway. We live and work on site and so we can provided round the clock supervision of your pride and joy. Established nearly 10 years ago, cars are stored in dedicated, sealed buildings with no windows (UV light isnt good for leather, paint or rubber). The humidity in the building is controlled and we aim for 50-55% relative humidity. Our research indicates this is the optimum level, above this steel will rust, any drier and any wood and leather will excessively dry out.


As well as storage, the team at The Automobile Storage Company can transport, exercise and maintain your car. We also have a limited amount of secure non-dehumidified storage and we can provide under cover winter storage for large American RV motor homes


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All cars are fully insured while stored, transported and driven by us. We strongly recommend that customers have in place their own insurance for theft, fire and accidental damage. Customers should always inform their insurers that their car is being stored at the Automobile Storage Co.  .


We believe we offer the most affordable storage in the UK.  We do, however, have to add a premium for storing cars over £20,000 in value – this is a reflection of the increase in insurance premium we have to pay.


We can let you have details of our insurance if needed




Note : We DO NOT charge VAT

Prices are for cars of normal size and value up to £20,000.

Motorcycles and large vehicles, price on request.

Dehumidified  storage is £14 per week  or £16.50 with a regular run up

Additional premium for vehicles over £20,000


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Contact us now to discuss your requirements       01981 570245     07947723707