Dr Chris Brace

Senior Lecturer in Automotive Engineering
Deputy Director of

Chris is a graduate of University of Bath (1990), he returned to sponsoring company, Massey Ferguson, as a transmission design engineer. He subsequently returned to Bath in 1992. Active in many areas of automotive powertrain research. Interests are in Diesel and gasoline engine control and calibration and integrated powertrain control and optimisation. Experimentally based research is extensively supported by simulation of automotive powertrain systems. Research is characterised by an integrated approach to the simulation, testing and calibration of automotive powertrains systems. Has been awarded two patents, published over 40 conference and journal papers and is a board member of the Automobile Division of the IMechE.


Projects worked on and supervised include:

 Integrated Diesel/CVT powertrain control and optimisation;

 Transient prediction of Diesel engine emissions;

 Testing and control of EGR/VGT systems for HSDI Diesel engines;

 Design, procurement, installation, commissioning and operation of chassis dynamometer;

 Controller design for integrated gasoline/IVT powertrain;

 Objective measurement of subjective vehicle driveability attributes;

 Automated optimisation and calibration of passenger car engines;

 Controller design and implementation for an electronically controlled passenger car cooling system;

 Controller design, implementation, testing and calibration for actively controlled engine coolant jets;

 Testing and modelling of passive NOx conversion in vehicle exhaust aftertreatment systems.


Dr. Chris Brace

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