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Charge Photogeneration in Donor-Acceptor Conjugated Materials: Influence of Excess Excitation Energy and Chain Length

R. Tautz, E. Da Como, Ch. Wiebeler, G. Soavi, I. Dumsch, N. Fröhlich, G. Grancini, S. Allard, U. Scherf, G. Cerullo, S. Schumacher, J. Feldmann,
J. Am. Chem. Soc., 135, 4282 (2013)

Spectral signatures of polarons in conjugated co-polymers

C. Wiebeler, R. Tautz, J. Feldmann, E. von Hauff, E. Da Como, S. Schumacher,J. Phys. Chem. B,

Increasing organic solar cell efficiency with polymer interlayers

F. Deschler, D. Riedel, B. Ecker, E. von Hauff, E. Da Como, R. C. I. MacKenzie,
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 15 (2013) 764-769
Most downloaded paper in January 2013 Link


Structural correlations in the generation of polaron pairs in low-bandgap polymers for photovoltaics

R. Tautz, E. da Como, T. Limmer, J. Feldmann, H.-J. Egelhaaf, E. von Hauff, V. Lemaur, D. Beljonne, S. Yilmaz, I. Dumsch, S. Allard, U. Scherf
Nature Communications 3, 970 (2012) target="_blank" title="Link to publication">

Tuning the excitonic and plasmonic properties of copper chalcogenide nanocrystals

I. Kriegel, C. Jiang, J. Rodríguez-Fernández, R. Schaller, D. Talapin, E. Da Como, J. Feldmann
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 134, 1583 (2012)

Effect of ageing on exciton dynamics, charge separation and recombination in P3HT/PCBM photovoltaic blends

F. Deschler, A. De Sio, E. von Hauff, P. Kutka, T. Sauermann, H.-J. Egelhaaf, J. Hauch, E. Da Como
Advanced Functional Materials, published online (2012)

Molecular doping of polymer:fullerene solar cells: effects on transport and solar cells

A. V. Tunc, A. De Sio, D. Riedel, F. Deschler, E. Da Como, J. Parisi and E. von Hauff
Organic Electronics, 13, 290 (2012)


Reduced charge transfer exciton recombination in organic semiconductor heterojunctions by molecular doping

F. Deschler, E. Da Como, T. Limmer, R. Tautz, T. Godde, M. Bayer, E. von Hauff, S. Yilmaz, S. Allard, U. Scherf and J. Feldmann
Physical Review Letters 107, 127402 (2011)
See LMU press release and news from NIM, Research in Germany and Atomium Culture

Influence of carrier density on the electronic cooling channels of bilayer graphene

T. Limmer, A. Houtepen, A. Niggebaum, R. Tautz, E. Da Como
Applied Physics Letters, 99, 103104 (2011)
Selected for the Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science & Technology 24, 13 (2011) and Graphene Times

Solvent additives for tuning the photovoltaic properties of polymer-fullerene solar cells

A. De Sio, T. Madena, R. Huber, J. Parisi, S. Neyshtadt, F. Deschler, E. Da Como, S. Esposito, and E. von Hauff
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, 95, 3536 (2011)

Formation of a defect-free ?-electron system in single ?-phase polyfluorene chains

E. Da Como, N. Borys, P. Strohriegl, M. J. Walter, J. M. Lupton
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 133, 3690 (2011)
see Editors´Choice in Science 331, 1366 (2011)

Tuning the light absorption of Cu1.97S nanocrystals in supercrystal structures

I. Kriegel, J. Rodríguez-Fernández, E. Da Como, A. Lutich, J. Szeifert, J. Feldmann
Chemistry of Materials, 23, 1830 (2011)


Spatio-temporal dynamics of coupled electrons and holes in nanosize CdSe-CdS semiconductor tetrapods

C. Mauser, E. Da Como, J. Baldauf, A. L. Rogach, J. Huang, D. V. Talapin, and J. Feldmann
Phys. Rev. B (Rapid Comm.) 82, 081306 (2010)

Multi-excitonic dual emission in CdSe/CdS tetrapods and nanorods

A. A. Lutich, C. Mauser, E. Da Como, J. Huang, A. Vaneski, D. V. Talapin, A. L. Rogach and J. Feldmann
Nano Letters 10, 4794 (2010)

Correlation between charge transfer exciton recombination and photocurrent in polymer/fullerene solar cells

M. Hallermann, E. Da Como, J. Feldmann, M. Izquierdo, S. Filippone, N. Martín, S. Jüchter, E. von Hauff
Applied Physics Letters 97, 023301 (2010)

Tunable Multicolor Ordered Patterns with Two Dye Molecules

W. Wang, C. Du, H. Bi, Y. Sun, Y. Wang, C. Mauser, E. Da Como, H. Fuchs, L. Chi
Advanced Materials 22, 2764 (2010)

Charge Separation in Type II Tunneling Multi layered Structures of CdTe and CdSe Nanocrystals Directly Proven by Surface Photovoltage Spectroscopy

D. Gross, I. Mora-Sero, T. Dittrich, A. Belaidi, C. Mauser, A.J. Houtepen, E. Da Como, A.L. Rogach, J. Feldmann
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 132, 5981 (2010)

Donor-Substituted 1,3,5-Triazines as Host Materials for Blue Phosphorescent Organic Light-Emitting Diodes

M. M. Rothmann, S. Haneder, E. Da Como, C. Lennartz, C. Schildknecht, P. Strohriegl
Chemistry of Materials, 22, 2403 (2010)


Charge transfer excitons in polymer/fullerene blends: the role of morphology and chain conformation

M. Hallermann, I. Kriegel, E. Da Como, J. M. Berger, E. von Hauff, J. Feldmann
Advanced Functional Materials, 19, 3662 (2009)

Quenching of Coulomb stabilized excitons in host/guest systems for deep-blue electrophosphorescence

S. Haneder, E. Da Como, J. Feldmann, M. M. Rothmann, P. Strohriegl, C. Lennartz, O. Molt, I. Münster, C. Schildknecht, G. Wagenblast
Advanced Functional Materials, 19, 2416 (2009)

Single molecule spectroscopy of oligofluorenes: how molecular length influences polymorphism

E. Da Como, E. Scheler, P. Strohriegl, J. M. Lupton, J. Feldmann
Appl. Phys. A, 95, 61 (2009)


Charge-transfer states in conjugated polymer/fullerene blends: below-gap weakly bound excitons for polymer photovoltaics

M. Hallermann, S. Haneder, E. Da Como
Appl. Phys. Lett. 93, 053307 (2008)

Controlling the radiative rate of deep-blue electrophosphorescent organometallic complexes by singlet-triplet gap engineering

S. Haneder, E. Da Como, J. Feldmann, J. M. Lupton, C. Lennartz, P. Erk, E. Fuchs, O. Molt, I. Münster, C. Schildknecht, G. Wagenblast
Advanced Materials, 20, 3325 (2008)

Anisotropic optical emission of single CdSe-CdS tetrapod heterostructures: Evidence for a wavefunction symmetry breaking

C. Mauser, T. Limmer, E. Da Como, K. Becker, A.L. Rogach, J. Feldmann and D.V. Talapin
Phys. Rev. B (Brief Report), 77, 153303 (2008)

Spectral broadening in conjugated polymers need not be a signature of aggregation: How chromophore shape controls photophysical function in phenylene-vinylenes

K. Becker, E. Da Como, J. Feldmann, J. F. Scheliga, E. Thorn Csányi, S. Tretiak, J. M. Lupton
J. Phys. Chem. B, 112, 4859 (2008)

Charge separation in type II tunneling structures of close-packed CdTe and CdSe nanocrystals

D. Gross, A.S. Susha, T.A. Klar, E. Da Como, A.L. Rogach, J. Feldmann J
Nano Lett. 8, 1482 (2008)

In-situ GISAXS on Nanocomposite Films of CdS Nanoparticles and Polymers

T. Di Luccio, D. Carbone, A. M. Laera, K. Peeper, C. Mauser, E. Da Como
Mater. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc. 1027, D05-02 (2008)


How Strain Controls Electronic Linewidth in Single ?-Phase Polyfluorene Nanowires

E. Da Como, K. Becker, J. Feldmann, J. M. Lupton
Nano Lett. 7, 2993 (2007)


Enhanced light emission efficiency and current stability by morphology control and thermal annealing of organic light emitting diode devices

S. Caria, E. Da Como, M. Murgia, R. Zamboni, P. Melpignano, V. Biondo
J. Phys. Cond. Mat. S2139, 18 (33) (2006)

Effects of surface chemical composition on the early growth stages of ?-sexithienyl films on silicon oxide substrates

F. Dinelli, J. F. Moulin, M. A. Loi, E. Da Como, M. Massi, M. Murgia, M. Muccini, F. Biscarini, J. Wie, P. Kinghott
J. Phys. Chem. B 258, 110 (2006)

J-aggregation in alpha-sexithiophene submonolayer films on silicon dioxide

E. Da Como, M. A. Loi, M. Murgia, R. Zamboni, M. Murgia, M. Muccini
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 4277, 128 (2006)


Molecular orientation in ultra-thin films of ?-sexithiophene on silicon dioxide

E. Da Como, M. A. Loi, F. Dinelli, M. Murgia, R.Zamboni, F. Biscarini, M. Muccini
Synth. Met. 287, 155, (2005)

Supramolecular organization in ultra-thin films of ?-sexithiophene on silicon dioxide

M. A. Loi, E. Da Como, F. Dinelli, M. Murgia, R.Zamboni, F. Biscarini, M. Muccini
Nature Mat. 81, 4 (2005)


Nanoscale Femtosecond spectroscopy for material science and nanotechnology

M. A. Loi, E. Da Como, R. Zamboni, M. Muccini
Synth. Met. 687, 139 (2003)

Book chapters

Nanoscale Shape of Conjugated Polymer Chains Revealed by Single Molecule Spectroscopy

E. Da Como, K. Becker, J. M. Lupton
in “Functional Supramolecular architectures for organic electronics and nanotechnology”, Eds. P. Samori and F. Cacialli, Wiley (2010), ISBN 978-3-527-32611-2

Single Molecule Spectroscopy of Polyfluorenes

E. Da Como, K. Becker, J. M. Lupton
in "Advances in polymer science", Edited by U. Scherf and D. Neher, Springer Berlin / Heidelberg 2008, ISSN 0065-3195

Morphology correlated photophysics in organic semiconductor thin films

M. A. Loi, E. Da Como, M. Muccini
in "Photophysics of molecular materials" Editor G. Lanzani Wiley 2005

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