How to get to Bath University from Bath Spa train station.


If you walk out of the main exit to the station (through some barriers and glass doors) there is a square with some restaurants in front of you, and a road parallel to you on the right. The bus stop is on this road (on the other side to where you are). Bus number U1 will take you to the university and runs about every 5-10 minutes in term time.


If you want to walk you can walk up either Widcombe hill (which is shorter but steeper) or Bathwick hill (longer but less steep). You can use this map to look at both routes.


There should be lots of taxis outside the station. The best place to get dropped off is probably at the dedicated space for taxis behind the bus stop.

Getting to the maths department once at the university:

The maths department is split between the buildings 4West and 6West in the University. A map of the campus is here. If you get the bus up the hill, get off at the final stop (when inside the university) and then walk up some steps onto "the Parade" (the central area of the university with the library -a large glass building- on the right-hand side). 4West is on the left-hand side of the Parade, and 6West is behind it; perhaps the easiest way to get to 6West is to go through 4West.

The University's "getting here" pages:

Can be found here.