My research draws on the fields of algebraic topology, algebraic geometry and special holonomy. I am in the final stages of a PhD on the topological invariants of G2 manifolds. My supervisor is Johannes Nordstrom . Previously I have done work in the field of computer vision while at the NII , Tokyo.

G2-manifolds are of keen interest to both geometers, and theoretical physicists. They are part of a wider field, studying manifolds with additional structure. I consider how we can define and compute invariants of these structures. Constructing and studying G2-manifolds is a tricky business. I work with the TCS construction. Much of my work has been dedicated to extending these ideas, and computing invariants on large pool of examples in order to find quirky phenomena.

If you need a TCS some manifold made-to-measure, please drop me a line!

I enjoy working on problems that require a multidisciplinary approach. In particular, designing programmes to assist in finding solutions.