David R. Sherratt


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I am a third year Ph.D. student at the Department of Computer Science, University of Bath, in the Mathematical foundations of computation group. My supervisors are Willem Heijltjes and Alessio Guglielmi.


My area of research is in theoretical computer science, in particular proof theory and lambda calculi, and their Curry-Howard correspondence. I am currently focused on efficient reduction and evaluation strategies for lambda terms and its implementation.




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Talks + Papers

Mar 2018 - Directed Atomic Lambda Calculus

Talk presented at Theory Tea (Theori Te Image result for welsh flag emoji)
Department of Computer Science, Swansea University, Wales, UK.


Sep 2017 - Towards Atomic Graphs

Talk presented at 4th international workshop on structures and deduction.

Joint work with Marco Solieri Marco Solieri.

(Abstract / Slides)

Jan 2017 - Towards an Atomic Abstract Machine

Talk presented at S-REPLS 5

(Abstract / Slides)

May 2016 - Atomic Lambda Calculus and its connections with Sharing Graphs

Talk presented at PCC 2016

(Abstract / Slides)

Jan 2016 - Master's Thesis (2016)

Transformation of Equational Theories and the Separation Problem of Bounded Arithmetic
Submitted for the Degree of Masters of Research
Swansea University - MRes Logic and Computation

Supervised by Prof. Arnold Beckmann

(Thesis / Slides)


Other Activities


Member of Organising Committee for BCCS 2018
Member of Organising Committee for BCCS 2017
Member of Organising Committee for BCCS 2016

Computer Science Departmental Seminar Organiser (Jan 2017 - Present)
Mathematical Foundations Seminar Organiser (Sept 2016 - Sept 2017)


CM50260 Foundations of Computation (2017-2018)
Example Chomsky Normal Form Translation
Example Naive Parsing Algorithm
Example Turing Machine for Palindromes

CM20254 Data Structures and Algorithms (2016-2018)
CM20256 Functional Programming (2016-2018)
CM50230 Intelligent control and cognitive system (2016-2017)
CM20218 Foundations of Computation 2 (2015-2016)
CM10227 Programming 1A (2015-2016)
CM10228 Programming 1B (2015-2016)



TYDI, Oxford, UK. July 2018
Visited the Department of Computer Science, Swansea University. March 2018.

FSCD 2017, Oxford, UK. September 2017
Second FISP Meeting, Paris France. June 2017
LICS 2017, Reykjavik, Iceland. June 2017.
OPLSS 2017, a Spectrum of Types, in University of Oregon, USA. July 2017.
S-REPLS 6 in University College of London, UK. May 2017
Workshop: "Proof meets Truth", University of Bath, UK. May 2017
MGS (Midlands Graduate School) 2017, University of Leicester, UK. April 2017.
INVEST 2017, Introduction to Verification and Testing, London, UK. February 2017.
S-REPLS 5 in University of Oxford, UK. January 2017.

LL2016, Workshop on Linear Logic, Lyon France. November 2016.
MGS (Midlands Graduate School) 2016, University of Birmingham, UK. April 2016
PCC 2016 in Munich, Germany. May 2016

Workshop on Efficient and Natural Proof Systems at University of Bath, UK. December 2015



Department of Computer Science
1 West 4.56
Claverton Down
United Kingdom

d.r.sherratt AT bath.ac.uk

Twitter - DavidSherbet