Chris Guiver

Lecturer in applied mathematics

Department of Mathematical Sciences
University of Bath
Claverton Down
United Kingdom

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+44 (0)1225 384150

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4 West 2.12
Chris Guiver


My research interests lie in applied dynamical systems, analysis and mathematical systems & control, particularly with a view to the modelling, analysis and control of biological and ecological systems. These interests lie on a spectrum from more theoretical to applications driven. Theoretical interests include model reduction for control systems as well as exploring properties in (not necessarily controlled) dynamical systems imparted by typically physically motivated constraints such as dissipativity and/or positivity of state variables. The latter, more applied, interests are motivated by important contemporary societal challenges arising in biology and ecology, where I believe that systems & control theory is ideally suited to offer solutions. I, with others, have been developing new results in robust and adaptive control, currently with a view to possible pest management and food security.
A list of publications, as well as preprints, may be found here.

Control seminars in Semester two 2018/19

Take place on Thursdays 12:15pm in the Wolfson room, 4W1.7. A programme may be found here.


I am teaching MA20220: Ordinary differential equations and control and MA3046: Linear control theory in Semester 1, 2018/19. All course material may be found on the Ma20220 and Ma30046 Moodle pages.

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