8 Basic bibliography

A basic bibliography can be referenced. BibTeX is untested.

\ifplastex %required
\section*{References} %required
\fi %required
\bibitem{RNIB} RNIB, \emph{Clear Print}. 
accessibleinformation/text/pages/clear_print.aspx}, 2011
\bibitem{Hildebrand} Hildebrand, A.J., \emph{Macros},
tips-macros.html}, 2011
\bibitem{KopkaDaly} Kopka, H. and Daly, P., \emph{A Guide to
\LaTeX}. Pearson Education Ltd., 1999
\bibitem{Reckdahl} Rechdahl, K., \emph{Using Imported Graphics in
LaTeX and pdfLateX}, 2006

All that is left is to reference an equation used a while ago (3) to convince the reader that references work across pages of transformed formats which break the document into parts.

Finally, I \clearpage prior to the references to flush the floats.