SAMBa Student-Led Symposium: Semester 1 2016/17


Week Commencing Wednesday
CB 4.6
CB 5.12
1W 2.103
3rd October Introduction to SLS Cancelled: Attend PSS at 10:15 in 4W 1.7 Cancelled
10th October Talks:
Cameron - Hybrid Methods for Diffusion
Lizzi - Exploring the Joint Rotation Database
Matthias - Differential Inclusions in Nonlinear Elasticity
Matt G. - Planetary Motion in General Relativity
Elizabeth - Constructing League Tables using Random Effect Models
Daniel - Random Walks on Lamplighter Groups
Tsoggi - History of Probability in Mongolia
Malena - Two-Sample Problem for Functional Data
17th October Syngenta visit
Kim Travis
Federica Cattani
Hayley - Evolving Surface Finite Element Analysis
Nadeen - Automation of Mesh Generation
Matt L - Positron Cooling in Noble Gas Atoms
John - Network Theory
24th October Talks:
Amelie - Automatic Detection of Irregular Wears
Tom - Multigrid Methods in Oil Recovery
Emiko - Symplectic Geometry
Uziel - Short Term Forecast of Wind Speed
Cancelled. Don't forget PSS at 10:15 in the Wolfson Fun Fridays
31st October Cancelled Ethical Discussion Session Fun Fridays
7th Novermber TALK: John and Matthias
TALK: Robbie
Introduction to clinical trials
Cancelled. MatLab training day.
14th November TALK: Prof. Chris Jennison
Designing an adaptive clinical trial with treatment selection and a survival endpoint
Cancelled PAPER: Matthias and John
21st November Roche Visit
Chris Harberon
Alun Bedding
Francois (Pharmakometrics Group)
Cancelled PAPER: Matthias and John
28th November Cancelled TALK: Dr. Vangelis Evangelou
Statistical Elements of the Syngenta Problems
5th December TALK: Dr. Silvia Gazzola
Numerical Solution of Large-Scale Inverse Problems
Cancelled TALK: Susie
EPSRC Project Proposals
12th December ITT5 Discussion PAPERS: Lizzi and Cameron OPTIONAL SESSION:
PAPER: Marcus


Postgraduate Seminar Series (PSS)
Landscapes Colloquium