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4W 1.17
Dept of Mathematical Sciences
University of Bath
United Kingdom

Course: SAMBa Centre for Doctoral Training, Year 4

About Me

I am a final year PhD student on the SAMBa centre for doctoral training at the University of Bath. I am a mathematical biologist, working on finding accurate and efficient ways of simulating biological and physical phenomena through the use of spatially extended hybrid methods, with a predominant focus on reaction-diffusion systems. I am supervised by Dr. Kit Yates.


Below is a list of all my publications, whether published, under review or preprints. They are listed in chronological order, with the newest first.

1. C.A. Yates, A. George, A. Jordana, C.A. Smith, A.B. Duncan, K.C. Zygalakis, (2020) "The blending region hybrid framework for the simulation of stochastic reaction-diffusion processes" Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 17(171).

2. C.A. Smith, C. Mailler and C.A. Yates, (2019) "Unbiased on-lattice domain growth" Physical Review E, 100(6).

3. C.A. Smith and C.A. Yates, (2018) "The auxiliary region method (ARM) for coupling PDE and Brownian dynamics" Royal Society Open Science, 5(8).

4. C.A. Smith and C.A. Yates, (2018) "Spatially extended hybrid methods: a review" Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 15(139).