Vincenzo Calabrese

Vincenzo came from Salerno, in the south of Italy (this is not near where Cecilia is from) to study in chilly Bath. In agreement with the Italian stereotype he is interested in good food, and studied Food Science in Naples for a BSc and Wageningen for his MSc. In Wageningen his focus was on the physical chemistry of food, making him a great fit for the ERG. Following the trip from Naples to Wageningen, Vincenzo decided to move a little closer to home joining Nestlé (again with the food) in Switzerland working on the rheology of food.

After busily travelling across the continient Vincenzo decided to swim across the channel to join the ERG, here he worked on the interactions between starch and cellulose. Dr Janet Scott helped Prof. Edler to look after Vincenzo, and make sure he wasn’t too distracted by food!

Outside of the lab, Vincenzo can usually be found riding down steep hills on his mountain bike or rocking on his electric guitar.