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The Williams Group
Current members:
Simge Davulcu
James Lynch
Winson Ma
James Lynch was born in Fife, Scotland in 1987. He received his MChem. from the
University of St Andrews. In 2009 he moved to bath to join the University of
Bath’s doctoral training centre (DTC) in sustainable chemical technologies
and become a member of Professor Jonathan Williams group where
he completed the first stage of his integrated Ph.D. and obtain a MRes. He is
currently studying for his D.Phil. researching the synthesis of new metallo ligands
for catalysts. In his spare James like going to the gym, boxing training, watching
films or American football.
Russ Wakeham
Dominic Van der Waals
Dominic van der Waals was born in Gloucestershire, England
and completed his undergraduate MChem at the University of
Bath in 2010. He is currently working as a PhD student for Jon Williams
and the main focus of current research is on metal and
non-metal catalysed activation of organo-nitriles.
In his spare time Dominic enjoys rugby, football and travelling.

Russ joined the Williams group as a PhD student in 2010 after completing
his MRes at Bath. His research involves iodide catalysed acylations of difficult
nucleophiles. In his spare time Russ likes playing guitar, rugby, fishing, reading
and socialising.
Sarah graduated with a MChem in Chemistry from the University of Bath in 2010.
She joined the Doctoral Training Centre at the Centre for Sustainable
Chemical Technologies in October 2010. Having undertaken two
projects in the first year of her integrated PhD in the areas of biocatalysis
and magnetic nanocatalysis; Sarah is now investigating catalytic
reversible oxygen transfer processes in a joint PhD project with Dr. Steve Bull and
Dr. Pawel Plucinski. In her spare time Sarah enjoys reading, swimming,
boxing and circuit training.

Sarah Abou-Shehada
Ben Atkinson
Rosie was born and grew up in Southampton and graduated from the University of Bath
in 2010 with a BSc in Chemistry for Drug discovery. She then completed an MRes at
the University of Bath in 2011, where she carried out a project within the Williams
group. Rosie is currently a 1st year PhD student in the group working on catalysing
the synthesis of amide bonds. In her spare time Rosie enjoys going to the gym,
shopping and socialising.  
Rosie Chhatwal

Prof. J M J Williams, Dept. Chemistry, University of Bath, Bath, BA2 7AY, UK

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Ruth graduated in 2011 from the University of Bath with a Masters degree in Chemistry
with Industrial Training. Currently in the first year of her PhD, Ruth is working on catalytic
reversible oxygen transfer processes under the joint supervision of Steve Bull and
Jon Williams. Outside of the lab Ruth enjoys swimming, socialising and volunteering
as a STEM ambassador.
Ruth Lawrence
Winson’s research involves the development of new, advantageous, catalytic syntheses of
boronic acid compounds, in particular the Ruthenium and iridium catalysed coupling
of a protected boronic acid alcohol and an amines or a protected boronic acid amine
and an alcohol. In his spare time Winson enjoys Otaku and the internet.
Ben is originally from Hereford but grew up in Kenilworth, Warwickshire.
He completed his MChem in Chemistry for Drug Discovery in 2011 with a
year spent working at Novartis Pharmaceuticals.  Ben is in his first year
of his PhD in the Williams group after having carried out his final year
project within the group. His research is focused on new methodology
for catalytic amide bond formation and on hydrogen-bonding catalysis
with applications to amide bond formation.  Outside of the lab Ben enjoys
skiing, snowboarding and watching Formula 1.
Sim joined the Williams group in 2010 and so far has really enjoyed being at Bath.
Her research investigates metal catalyzed organic synthesis reactions. Currently
she is interested in the metal catalyzed reaction of nitriles with amines to yield
amides. Sim has always had a strong aspiration in teaching and aims for an academic
career when she completes her PhD studies. Apart from chemistry, her world
revolves around holidays and travelling. She enjoys seeing new places and
experiencing new cultures.
James Walton graduated from Durham University in 2008 and remained in the North East
to receive his PhD, entitled ‘Highly Emissive Europium Complexes’, in 2012, under the
supervision of Professor David Parker . He joined the Williams group in January 2012 as
a post-doctoral research associate. His main role in the group involves research into
zirconium catalysed transamidation and ruthenium catalysed nucleophilic aromatic
substitution. James also gives undergraduate lectures in organic spectroscopy and
asymmetric catalysis.
James Walton