Externally funded projects


The research group has 3 ongoing externally funded projects to the total value of £ 1,870,045 and 2 recently completed external projects to the total value of £ 800 K. Below is a list of our current externally funded research projects starting from the most recently award. Additionally, the group has a number of internally funded research projects which can be found listed under the Research tab.

  1. 1.Embek1- Development and analysis of polymer based multifunctional bactericidal materials.

    The central objectives of the project are:

    (1) To develop anti-microbial surface coatings.

    (2) To improve fundamental understanding of how bacteria interact with and colonise surfaces.

    (3) To understand how current analytical technologies can be used to obtain real-time information on the nano-scale mechanisms of bacteria-surfaces interactions.

  1. 2.Bacteriosafe - Development of an active wound dressing based on biological mimicry,  involving the design of nanocapsules that release signalling molecules and antibiotic/antimicrobials in the presence of pathogenic bacteria.

    The central objectives of the project are:

    (1) Development of novel nanocapsules

    (2) Improvement of our understanding of the nano-technological mechanisms

    (3) Integrated engineering solutions for the immobilisation of nanocapsules on non-wovens

    (4) Validation