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Annual Bath Tasting, July 2004

17th July 2004

Notes by various members, collated by Quentin Lambert


Attendees - Roger Jardine, Mark Acres, Eb Gargano, Dean Gargano, Cheryl Doherty, Gareth Barker, Quentin Lambert, Anja Dietel, Georgina Watson, Edmund Kay, Steve, Mills.


  1. It was noted that funds in the society bank account had been effectively dormant for several years. The fees were originally designed around the costs of copying and posting correspondence to all members, the use of email and the website have removed almost all of this cost. It was suggested that with a minimum amount retained in the account for contingency purposes, the remaining funds could be used to purchase a 1st growth Bordeaux, something from a good vintage that was ready for drinking, to be presented at the next annual tasting in June 2005.
    Action: R. Jardine to ascertain what the consensus is from the membership through a blanket email detailing this proposal.

  2. It was decided that in view of the current financial situation that this year no fees would be collected.

  3. A society wine trip to Italy, (Piedmont or Tuscany), for one week, was proposed for Autumn 2005.
    Action: Q. Lambert

  4. It was decided that an Easter tasting would take place in Devon, just before term time.
    Action: Q. Lambert

  5. A visit to a London wine auction was proposed.
    Action: Q. Lambert

  6. It was proposed and accepted that the following formal positions would be recognised, thus superseding earlier positions/terminology.

  7. It was requested that a short history of the Wine Soc. (do we mean The Vintage Club or Winesoc ? - Editor) be compiled by the more senior membership and thereafter placed on the website when completed. The initial draft is to be circulated amongst senior members to source additional comments.
    Action: E. Kay - Draft initial issue. hand on to M. Masento

The Tasting

The theme was The Olympics

1. Chanoine Tsarine ,Champagne, NV

Comments - smells of fish (Roger), butter & toast - (Quentin), sweet champagne - (anon), is it champagne? - anon, non vintage - (Ed), given up with the name - (anon).
And it was . . .

2. Tyrells Vat 1 Semillon, 1990

Comments - Quentin - lime cordial, Ed - old Riesling, Roger - dry, could be Semillon, Anja - petrol, anon - from the wine or next door? (petrol station), Quentin - grapefruit and lime, Anon - bit of age, Australian Riesling

3. Markus Molitor Urziger Wurzgarten Mosel, Riesling, 2002

Comments - Roger - reminds me of Dr Loosen and our trip to the Mosel. Something interesting about alcohol level - very low, Cheryl - Tastes of sunshine, Steve - Wants to take it's clothes off, fresh fruity funky, Anja - Good fruit nicely balanced, very light refreshing

4. Domaine Leflaive Puligny-Montrachet, 2001
Roger and Quentin

Comments - Anja - rotten banana, Mark - Oak is quite apparent, Ed thinks its sweet, Mark agrees its not bone dry, consensus - not as dry as Steve's and not as sweet as Anja's, oops! Ed was smelling the flower on his shoulder, not the wine, Ed guesses white Burgundy, (made from red grapes?) and quite lightly oaked, with good length, a single village, then guesses Puligny - Montrachet.

5. Domaine Leflaive Puligny-Montrachet Clavoillon Premier Cru, 2001
Roger and Quentin

Comments - Ed says same producer, different vintage, better vintage. Steve - Freshness, better vintage. Most people agree. Ed - no hesitation this is Burgundy, same vineyard, same grapes, subtle, more use of oak. Steve - different style. Roger reveals - Same year. Ed - £5-£10 more expensive than the last. People generally prefer wine 5 to 4.

6. Vicar's Choice Pinot, Marlborough - New Zealand, 2002

Comments - Matt - Salty. Anon. - Slutty wine. Cheryl - how can you get a slutty wine? Ed. - NZ Pinot. Roger - Cru Beaujolais, Morgon? Moulin-À-Vent?.

7. Laboure Roi, Burgundy, 2001

Comments - Roger - an aroma of horse manure, Matt - strawberries, Roger - strawberries trodden on by horses and covered in dung. Much more savoury but jammy with black pepper. General suggestion that it might be French Pinot. Reason being it is thin, pongy and long. As an aroma of petrol spreads across the garden, many suggestions that the producer might be Texaco, (the garden is not far from a petrol station...). Ed announces that the connection with the theme is that it is a gold medal winner and reveals that it is Burgundy.

8. Chateau d'Armailhac, Pauillac, 2000

Comments - Georgina - Chocolate central. Ed - definite Claret. 2001, not meaty enough.Eb Bordeaux, cabernet based. Georgina - dusty. Medoc Claret.

9. Les Forts de Latour, Pauillac, 2000

Comments - Ed - concentrated, black fruit, riper than wine 8. Georgina - dry, cherry fruit, tannic, dark fruits. General - Pauillac, classed growth. Claret 2000?

10. Terrabianca Ceppate, Tuscany, 1999

Comments: Steve - peppery, white pepper. Steve - white pepper at the back of the palate. Roger and Eb - Rhoney. Eb - Chateauneuf du Pape? Roger - quite big this. Eb grenache, Steve - are you sure about grenache? Eb - I don't think it is all grenache, grenache , syrah, blend? tastes like Rhone. Anja - not a Rhone bottle. Ed - either Australia or USA or South Africa, definitely grenache. Eb - is it Ironstone Grenache/Shiraz? Steve is confused. Not Spanish says Matt. Not French. Not Sicily? Matt confirms it is a super Tuscan - Cab Merlot.

11. Chateau Porto Carras, Greece, 1997

Wine 13 - Cheryl Comments: Ed, Matt, Roger and Steve together, - Australian. Anja - cabernet, Eb - agreed. Steve - not all cab. Cab Shiraz. Eb - Ribena. Matt and Eb - Barossa. Name - St Hallett. Vintage - 1998 County/Region - Barossa Valley, Australia,

12. Hollick Cab/Merlot, Australia, 2000

Comments - Anja - Chocolate and sun tan lotion. Steve - drinks all he has in 10 seconds. Can I have some more? Old world? new world? Ed - Bordeaux. The wine is revealed, Roger - We're all alco'hollick's..(followed by groan)

13. St Hallett Unknown, Australia, 1998>

Comments: Ed, Matt, Roger and Steve together, - Australian. Anja - cabernet, Eb - agreed. Steve - not all cab prob Cab/Shiraz? Eb - Ribena. Matt and Eb - Barossa.

(Hmm, but which St Hallett? Anyone? - Editor)

14. Grosset Gaia, Australia, 1998

Comments: Ed - toilet cleaner. Roger - Italian? Steve- First time he's tasted this wine. Ed - sweet new oak. Matt - Australian Barbera? Ed - Nebbiolo from South Africa? Very nice wine. Anja - Not typical Australian.

15. Les Gains d'Or, France, 2001

Comments: Steve - grapefruit, pineapple. Quentin - Jam, pineapple, sweetened, stewed, Eb - dried pineapple. Gareth - Not new world, French.

* NB: Obviously too much had been consumed by this stage as the notes are missing or illegible.

16. Quady Elysium, California

Comments: Anon - Turkish delight, raspberries, very tasty, good balance. Steve - American? Elysium ? Yes. Quick result. Theme Ellesium fields. Name - Elysium Producer - Quady Vintage - not noted* Grape - Black Muscat Country/Region - California, America

17. Emilio Hidalgo Oloroso

Comments: Sherry? No further comments as no one else has the stamina to guess any further.

Voted as the best at the tasting:

White: Domaine Leflaive, Burgundy, 2001, Puligny Monrachet, Clavoillon Permier Cru Vineyard.

Red: - Les Forts de Latour, 2001, Ch Latour