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The Vintage Club exists for those members of Bath University Wine Society who wish to continue their love affair with wine after leaving University.

The Vintage Club meet about three or four times a year, with the Annual General Meeting taking place in Bath sometime during the summer. New recruits from the University Wine Society are particularly welcome to come along to the Bath tasting. Recently other meetings have been held in places as diverse as Ipswich, Champagne, Devon, The Wirral, London and along the Mosel.


Meetings usually revolve around a blind tasting of a number of wines. Each person brings a wine, of a value around the top end of what you personally would pay for a bottle of wine, and then everyone else tries to work out using their skill and judgement what the wine is. This is in a similar vein to the more frequent standard home tastings that the Wine Society holds over the holidays, although slightly more of the people are interested in the wines themselves.

Occasionally a tasting has a theme and all wines tasted should be related in some (usually obscure) way to the theme.
The cost of membership is £3.00 per year which is to cover the production and posting of letters and newsletters which come out approximately three or four times a year and contain details of the last meeting and what is coming up next.