University Prize Fellow
Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering
University of Bath
2 East 4.12
Dept of Electronic and Electrical Engineering
University of Bath
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 1225 386693
Email: b.forte AT
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Research Interests

  1. Physics and chemistry of the upper ionised atmosphere
  2. Plasma turbulence and instabilities in magnetized plasmas
  3. Propagation of electromagnetic waves in random media, transionospheric radio waves propagation
  4. Radio wave scintillation (ionospheric and interplanetary), fading processes
  5. RF engineering, GNSS receiver architecture, phase-locked loops, signal modulation and demodulation
  6. Space weather phenomena and their effects on satellite navigation and telecommunication systems
  7. Incoherent scatter radars
  8. Remote sensing of atmospheres in the microwave, millimetre, sub-millimetre, visible, and infrared parts of the spectrum
  9. Space missions and space instrumentation
  10. Radio occultation
  11. Remote sensing of the Earth's troposphere by means of LIDARs
  12. Low frequency radio astronomy


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Beacon Satellite Symposium
Bath 08-12 July 2013
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