Dr Alborz Shokrani

Machining Research

Dr Alborz Shokrani
Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor)
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Tel: +44 (0)1225 386588
E-mail: A.Shokrani@bath.ac.uk
Twitter: @alborzshokrani
Postal Address:
Dept of Mechanical Engineering
University of Bath
United Kingdom
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Please contact me if you are interested in a PhD in the following areas: Postdoctoral Research Assistant opennings will be advertised in www.jobs.ac.uk
Meet the team
Postdoctoral Research Associate:
Dr Hakan Dogan: SENSYCUT: Sensor Enabled Systems for Precision Cutting
Dr Shamin Sadrafshari: SENSYCUT: Sensor Enabled Systems for Precision Cutting
PhD Researchers:
Ms Stephanie Hall: Machine learning for machining advanced materials
Mr Joseph Betts: Machining of nickel based superalloys
Mr Samuel Omole: Machining of refractory metals for plasma phasing applications
Current Master's (MEng):
James Bozeat (2021-22): Investigation of a new micro-scale 3D printing machine
Alvin Fong(2021-22): In-situ tool wear monitoring system
Alex Green (2021-22): An open source machine vision for tool condition monitoring
Stuart Pearson (2021-22): Design of a microscopy system for cutting
Ahmed Abu Hussein (2021-22): Sustainable machining: Life Cycle Assessment of Cutting Fluids in Machining
Jefferson Yong (2021-22): Sustainable machining: Energy Efficient Machining
Research Graduates:
Dr Andrea De Bartolomeis (PhD): Cooling and lubrication technologies for machining advanced alloys
Dr Ihsan Al Samarrai (PhD): Hybrid Cooling/Lubricating Strategies for Machining Ti-6Al-4V in CNC End Milling
Mr Saeed Asghari (MPhil): Innovative Cutting Tool Design for Machining Advanced Engineering Materials
Mr David Whitton (MPhil): Design of a Cryogenic Coolant Inducer
Recent MEng Graduates:
Llyr Jones (2020-21): Signal processing and deep learning for tool wear detection in machining
Tobi Ibuoye(2020-21): Computer vision for automated tool wear monitoring
Jeffrey Lam (2020-21): Computational modelling of cutting Ti-6Al-4V
Chutipol Hencharoen (2020-21): Machine design for cutting tomato
Nye Davis (MEng): Activity based costing of additive manufacturing using discrete event simulation
Kieran Geiger (MEng): Cutting fluid accelerator
Richard Wilson (MEng): Complex machining of plasma facing tungsten
Sergen Gelis (MEng): Dynamic cost modelling for advanced machining
Karthink Ravinthren (MEng): Thermoelectric materials for manufacturing processes
Willian Hall (MEng): Machining of additively manufacturing titanium alloy
Anthony Corner (MEng): Energy consumption in machining operations
Henry Burrows (MEng): Design and manufacture of boot pillar for Team GB short track ice skating
Various 3 Axis machining centres
DMG Ultrasonic 5 Axis machining centre
Cryogenic/MQL machining
Turnmill machining centre
Material prep facilities
Various optical and scanning electron microscopes
Nano and micro indentation
Scratch test
Atomic force microscope
SPIKE smart tool holder
High speed camera (10k fps)
Thermal imaging facilities

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