Director of Teaching

Department of Computer Science

University of Bath

Phone: 01225 384489

Alan Hayes is the Director of Teaching in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Bath. In his relatively short time at Bath he has had a major impact on many aspects of his discipline and Department, from instigating change through his work on the Honours degree in Computer Science, to introducing new educational technologies which have benefitted both staff and students.


Much of Alan’s work over the years has concentrated on assessment. He is a strong advocate of utilising assessment as a vehicle to support learning, feeling strongly that assessment should move beyond a summative measure of students’ performance. It should be a vehicle to facilitate, support and enhance the learning process; i.e. assessment for learning rather than of learning.


Alan has extensive experience of working with international students both in the context of overseas students studying in the UK and those studying at collaborative overseas partner institutions. He has worked with institutions in France, Germany, Greece, Spain, Dubai, Malaysia, Hong Kong and China.  He has also been extensively involved in facilitating the exchange of pedagogic practices with these international partners.


Alan has recently been awarded a University of Bath Teaching award and funding for a project that will develop a pedagogic model for utilising technology to promote deep learning within final year undergraduate students.


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