Ivan Cheltsov
(University of Edinburgh)

Alastair Craw
(University of Glasgow)

Abbie Halls
(University of Aberdeen)

Raf Bocklandt
(University of Newcastle)

Edinburgh-Glasgow-Aberdeen (EGA)
algebraic geometry seminar

This seminar follows roughly the format of the COW seminar. We hold four meetings each year, rotating between the Universities of Edinburgh, Glasgow and Newcastle, with a Christmas meeting at ICMS in Edinburgh. We hope to attract interest from those sympathetic to algebraic geometry who are based at other institutions across Scotland and northern England. Information on the original EGA can be found here.

We are supported by grants from the London Mathematical Society and the Glasgow Mathematical Journal Trust. These grants cover travel and accommodation expenses of outside speakers, and it should also provide partial support for the travel expenses of young participants of the EGA (meaning those not holding a permanent job in the UK).

Meetings that took place this academic year:

Meetings from previous years: 2007-08; 2008-09; 2009-10; 2010-11.