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Sand and water in drum


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Lecture Notes

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Simple C++ and other programs

Surface mechanism with two sets of geodesic laths

Maud algorithm

Computational fluid dynamics etcetera


Relax non-linear structural analysis executables, source code and data files

The British Museum Great Court Roof

The British Museum Great Court Roof - simplified formfinding program

Organic Forms

IASS 2019 A building of unlimited height

Diderot Mathematical Forum 2019

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Smartgeometry Gothenburg 2016

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Structural Intervention

Structure, scale and material

IASS Amsterdam 2015

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Innsbruck January 2014

Cluj-Napoca 2013

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Dam break

Institution of Structural Engineers lecture on tension structures and gridshells

Fabric formwork 2012

Centre for non-linear mechanics 2012

Research Seminar February 2012

Innsbruck January 2012

Cambridge September 2011

Bristol June 2011

Cyprus May 2011

Differential geometry February 2011

Porto 2010

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Trinity Hall January 2009

Image of flow past cylinder

USA 2009

Distributed Intelligence in Design 2009

Buro Happold November 2009

TED Talk November 2009

Geometry Processing Copenhagen 2008


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