Yufei Huang

Assistant Professor

School of Management, University of Bath

Email: y.huang[at]bath.ac.uk

Phone: +44 (0) 1225 384456


Ph.D. in Management, School of Management, University College London, 2016.

M.S. in Theoretical Physics, School of Science, Xi'an Jiaotong University, 2010.

B.B.A. in Marketing, School of Management, Xi'an Jiaotong University, 2005.

Sample Woking Papers:

Multilateral bargaining and return policies in distribution channels (with Tingliang Huang, Ying-Ju Chen). Working paper.

Publications :

Selling innovative products in the presence of externalities. 2018. Production and Operations Management, forthcoming. (with B. Gokpinar, C.S. Tang, O.S. Yoo)

When marketing and manufacturing departments integrate: The influences of market newness and competitive intensity. 2018. Industrial Marketing Management, accepted. (with T. Feng, E. Avgerinos)

Time allocation in entrepreneurial selling: Impact of learning externality and incumbent reaction. 2017. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, forthcoming. (with O.S Yoo, B. Gokpinar)

The impact of consumer price forecasting behavior on the bullwhip effect. 2014. International Journal of Production Research, 52 (22), 6642-6663. (with N. Wang, Y. Ma, Z. He, A. Che, J. Xu)

The bullwhip effect under different information-sharing settings: A perspective on price-sensitive demand that incorporates price dynamics. 2013. International Journal of Production Research, 50 (10), 3085-3116. (with Y. Ma, N. Wang, A. Che, J. Xu)

The bullwhip effect on product orders and inventory: A perspective of demand forecasting techniques. 2013. International Journal of Production Research, 51 (1), 281-302. (with Y. Ma, N. Wang, A. Che, J. Xu)

Determining the number of new employees with learning, forgetting and variable wage with a Newsvendor model in pull systems. 2012. Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing, 23 (1): 73-89. (with F. Chu, C. Chu, Y. Wang)

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