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Dr. Jiahui Zhu


Dr. Jiahui Zhu is currently a Research Fellow at the Department of Electrical Engineering and novel material of China Electric Power Research Institute (CEPRI). She received his B.S. and M.S. "cum laude" in Electrical Engineering in 2000 and 2003 respectively, and her Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering in 2007 from the Tsinghua University (China).

She manages research development efforts and is responsible for establishing/ developing working relationships with potential and existing sponsors. Her research interests are mainly in the high temperature superconducting power applied technology and relay protection of large generators. Dr. Zhu coordinates and conducts research on high temperature superconducting magnetic energy storage system, power control system for energy storage, superconducting cable, superconducting transformer and their interaction with power grid, macroeconomics and energy policy.

In 2007-2008, Dr. Zhu was aiming at a current lead for a high temperature superconducting magnetic energy storage system (SMES); in 2009-2010, she focused on the power conversion system for SMES and being a short-term visiting scholar in Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute (KERI); in 2011-2012, she researched on the current sharing optimization of a superconducting cable; in 2012-2013, she studied the AC loss and stability of a superconducting cable as an academic visitor in University of Bath with the support of Royal Academic of Engineering (RAEng) in UK. Now she research on the performance of superconducting cable in power grid and test technologies of its stability.

Since 2009, Dr. Zhu has served as project manager of the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) for the stability of high temperature superconducting cable, an International academic exchange of United Kingdom for low losses superconducting cable design, a prospective research- focused on power drop and fluctuation compensation using a high temperature superconducting magnetic energy storage and superconducting winding design of transformer sponsored by State Grid Cooperation of China.

As a CSEE standing member, she has authored about 20 scientific publications, regularly serves as reviewer for IEEE journals, Scientific Research and Essays, Magnet Technology and international conferences organized by IEE and IEEE.

Dr. Jiahui Zhu's list of publication can be found here.