The HTS application critical current and AC losses electrical measurement rig


DC power supply


3000 A step-down transformer


National Instruments Data Acquisition log


Lock-in amplifier


Power amplifier

photo 4


For DC mode, The measurement rig is able to measure critical current up to 180 A DC for HTS coil and up to 2000 A DC for large scale HTS applications, such as HTS transmission cable.


For AC mode, the measurement rig is able to measure AC loss up to 3000 A AC with frequency range of 1 300 Hz for various HTS applications used in AC case. The compensation methods based on the Labview with National Instrument data acquisition log setup and Lock-in amplifier setup are both implemented.


HTS sample testing rig under background magnetic field


DC power supply: 28 A 220 V


0 3 T Gauss meter


Lab Water Chiller

photo 1

YBCO sample testing under 0 700mT background field @ 0 360 rotatable degree



DC electromagnetic field pole head pairs:

u  Hmax ≥ 2.6T at 5mm air gap

u  Hmax ≥ 0.7T at 10cm air gap

photo (3).JPG