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Algebra 2B (2017-2018)

Resources : Handing in Guidelines Ring Theory Modified Division Algorithm

In this course, we explore more into Abstract Algebra now with two introduced operators an addition and a multiplication. We will be looking to extract some more properties of Matrices that will be helpful for us in the future!

Prerequisites : There are not many prerequisites to this course really. Some prior knowledge of Group theory would be helpful but not necessary!

Homework deadlines : Thursday 16:30

Analysis 2B (2015-2016)

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Keywords mapping : Spreadsheet representing the keywords(+reference link) corresponding to Homework problem
Notes : Tutorial notes Warning about differential operators Khan Academy resources

This is an introduction to Vector Calculus in a rigourous manner. In this course, you will learn how to do integration on curves and surfaces as well as how they are mathematically constructed. I will put my tutorial notes in my dropbox as we go along. I also have some of uncompleted notes from last year session here!.

Prerequisites : You need to understand the concept of partial derivatives before taking this course.
Homework deadlines : Tuesdays 12

Analysis 2A (2014-2015)

In this course, you will be introduced to the concept of Riemann integrations and Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. So far, the integrations you have done previously has been defined as the "antiderivatives". In this course, we will construct Riemann integral as the "limit" of approximation to the area under curves.

Prerequisites : The concept of Supremum is essential for correct understanding of the course.

Analysis 2A notes

Analysis 2B notes