Student Led Symposium Semester 1, 2017/18

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Scheduled Times and Places:

The SLS has three scheduled timeslots a week. To find out what is taking place in each session, see the timetable.

SLS Resources:

Resources used in SLS sessions will be accessible from here. This will include any presentations produced for SLS sessions; or materials such as papers for viewing before a session.


ITT7 will take place between Monday 29th January and Friday 2nd February, at the BRLSI in Bath City Centre. The industrial partners for the ITT are National Physical Laboratory and the Environment Agency.

Student Contacts:

Please note, the SLS has concluded for Semester 1 2017-18.

Other Seminar Series

In the event that an SLS session is unused, there are a number of other seminar series that are well worth attending. These include: