Integrative Think Tank 7: Measuring and Predicting the Natural Environment

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Welcome to the webpage for ITT7, Measuring and Predicting the Natural Environment. This webpage will be updated throughout the week to include presentations given by Industrial Partners, Academics and Students; as well as the information handbook and other relevant information. We hope you enjoy the week!


A copy of the ITT7 handbook is available here. For a full list of participants, see this list.

Dates: Monday 29th January - Friday 2nd February
Location: Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution (BRLSI), 16-18 Queen Square, Bath BA1 2HN. View on Map
Partners: National Physics Laboratory and the Environment Agency.

ITT Presentations

Presentations given throughout the week are available here; colour co-ordinated by the person who gave them.
Green - Environment Agency talk
Blue - National Physics Laboratory talk
Red - Academic talk
Orange - SAMBa Student talk
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Alistair Forbes - Data Assimilation and Spectral Analysis
Sean Longfield - Temporal and Spacial Change Detection
Anita Asadullah - Estimation of Design Floods in Small River Catchments
Ilaria Prosdocimi - Statistics and Data for Flood Estimation
Mark Opmeer - Eigenvalues of Covariance Matrices
Emiko Dupont - Gaussian Processes
Dan Green -
Data Assimiation


Peter Harris - Sensor Networks
Natalie Phillips - Estimations of Nitrate Vulnerable Zones
Phil Trinh - Models of Groundwater Fluid Flow


Allen - Where Should the Sensors Go?
Lizhi - Source Identiforcation and Tracking
Stefano - Small Catchments: Probabilistic Tree-Like Models
Yyanis - Physical Models for Nitrate Pollution
Barry - River Stream Flow: Clustering and Prediction
Teo - Rough Path Signature Methods for Time Series Data
Kevin - What Kevin Said (Kevin: send me your title)
Matthias - Spectral Analysis Associated with Gaussian Processes
Dorka - Random Process in Random Media to Model Nitrate Flows
Emiko - Detecting Non-Stationarity in Peak River Flows
Aoibheann - Attribution of Changes in River Flows in the UK
Elizabeth - Nitrates, Boreholes and Geodistance


Teo & Momchil - Signature Methods to Cluster Flow-Data
Kevin, Tom P & Owen - Uncertainty in Acoustic Sensor Networks
Emiko, Robbie & Tom S - Non-Stationary in Peak River Flows
Aoibheann & Nadeen - Attribution of Changes in River Flows
Shaunagh & Will - Physical Models for Nitrate Pollution. MP4 media available here
Tom F - Small Catchments as Tree-Like Structures
Allen - Where Should the Sensors Go?
Barry & Abi - Clustering and Modelling of River Stream Flow
Lizhi - Source Identiforcation and Tracking
John - Aquifers as Random Environments
Malena & Hanneke - Liquidean Distance
Dan G - Spectral Analysis of Toeplitz Matrices