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Aug 2015: ACS Nano paper on solid-like hydrogen

.../>Our paper on the direct experimental observation of solid-like hydrogen stored in a nanoporous carbon material is now open access!

Link to open access paper


July 2015: Welcome to Dr Mi Tian!

Dr Mi Tian has recently joined the group as a postdoc, to work on the development and testing of porous materials for hydrogen storage. Mi is funded by a successful grant from the EPSRC Hydrogen and Fuel Cells SUPERGEN.

Link to H2FC



June 2015: In2Science program comes to Bath

Jemma and Valeska (alongside Dr Chris Chuck, Rhod, Joe, Sonia and Fabio from the Chuck group and Leighton Holyfield form the CSCT) helped to organise a week-long program of science outreach for schoolkids in the Bath/Bristol area. A fun week and a huge success.


Jan 2015: ChemSocRev paper on gas sensing

Our review paper on porous materials for gas sensing has come out in ChemSocRev, and was also featured on the cover of the journal. Well done Dom!

Link to IChemE


Dec 2014: Special Issue of Materials and Design on " Materials for Energy Efficient Transport"

Valeska and Prof Chris Bowen are guest editing a special issue of the journal Materials & Design for Elsevier, to be published in Oct 2015.

Link to Special Issue


Nov 2014: Yonsei-Bath international workshop on energy, environment and sustainability

Valeska and Jemma were part of a delegation of ten students and staff from the University of Bath who visited Seoul, South Korea, for the first joint research workshop on energy, environment and sustainability. They presented their work alongside 8 other researchers from the Departments of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering and postgraduate students from the Centre for Doctoral Training in Sustainable Chemical Technologies.

Link to web article


Sept 2014: Research visit to Stellenbosch University

Valeska, Andy and Nuno travelled to Professor Len Barbour's lab at Stellenbosch University, South Africa, to do some experimental measurements on metal-organic framework materials. The visit was funded by the University of Bath’s International Research Partnership Scheme.


Link to web article


April 2014: Bath Researchers in Parliament for Voice of the Future 2014

Link to News Article



Dec 2013: Sir Frederick Warner Medal

Valeska became the second-ever recipient of the Sir Frederick Warner medal from the Institution of Chemical Engineers. This international prize is presented biennially to an individual, normally in the early stages of their career, who has shown exceptional promise in the field of sustainable chemical process technology, nuclear technology or in making chemical engineering more accessible to a wider scientific community. She presented the Sir Frederick Warner lecture and was presented with her medal and prize at the Royal Academy of Engineering in London.

Link to IChemE


Dec 2013: Royal Society Pairing Scheme Week in Westminster

Valeska was selected to take part in this Royal Society initiative, where research scientists are paired with MPs and civil servants to help research scientists understand political decision making and its associated pressures, while helping the MPs/civil servants understand the science behind their decisions. She was paired with Paul Freeman, a Senior Scientific Officer at the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

Link to Royal Society Pairing Scheme info

Link to Paul Freeman's reciprocal visit to Bath



Nov 2013: Our policy brief on hydrogen storage published by the Institute for Policy Research

A policy brief entitled "Hydrogen Storage Materials: driving developments in transport and smooting routes to renewable generation" was produced by the University's Institute of Policy Research, to explain the benefits of hydrogen storage research to a general audience.

Link to Hydrogen Policy Brief


Oct 2013: Welcoming new group members.....!

We are happy to welcome two new researchers, who joined the group in October.

Jon Wagner will be carrying out an exciting project on new porous catalysts for biofuel production, and Jemma Rowlandson will be combining experimental research and modelling to look into characterisation methods for porous carbon materials.


August 2013: Materials World article is published!

Our article, an overview of research into materials for energy efficient transportation that is being carried out by the Interreg-funded MEET consortium, is published in Materials World.

Link to the article



July 2013: Video on "Storing electricity as hydrogen"

Starring Dr Tim Mays and Valeska TIng... :)

Link to IChemE


June 2013: Valeska presenting at the Directed Assembly of Functional Nanomaterials Conference in Strathclyde

Valeska presents some recent work on high surface area hybrid hydrogen storage nanomaterials at the meeting in Strathclyde, organised in conjunction with the EPSRC Directed Assembly Network.

Link to Directed Assembly of Functional Nanomaterials Conference 2013


May 2013: Andy and Antonio running neutron experiments on NIMROD

Andy and Antonio get to grips with a new technique on NIMROD (an instrument that combines both small-angle and wide-angle neutron scattering) at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratories.


April 2013: Off to Grenoble! Synchrotron experiments at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility in France

Valeska, Andy, Nuno and Jess went to Grenoble, France to run some 24-hour experiments at the synchrotron, and came back a little bit sleep-deprived but with a lot of data!



March 2013: Success at the 2013 SET for Britain competition

The SET for Britain competition celebrates excellence for early career researchers in the categories of Engineering, Biological and Biomedical Sciences and Physical Sciences.

Engineering Division Gold Award: £ 3,000 and Engineering Medal: Dr Valeska Ting, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Bath

Westminster Medal in memory of Dr Eric Wharton (overall winner): Dr Valeska Ting, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Bath

Title: "Pushing Hydrogen to the Limit: engineering nanomaterial systems for storage of solid-like hydrogen".

Link to SET for Britain event 2013



March 2013: Backstage Science shows exciting results...

Link to Youtube video from Backstage Science - Hydrogen Storage



February 2013: Sixth International Conference on Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology, Auckland, New Zealand

Dr. Valeska Ting was awarded a Sir Eric Rideal Travel Bursary to attend the Sixth International Conference on Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology in Auckland, New Zealand to deliver a presentation on "Exploring new routes to high surface area nanomaterials for enhanced hydrogen storage"

Link to report on AMN-6 in Chemistry & Industry Magazine



January 2013: Research visit to the Leibniz Institute of New Materials

Valeska went to visit the labs of Dr Volker Presser (Head of the Energy Materials Group at the INM) and to present a seminar on "Practical evaluation of nanoporous materials for hydrogen storage"

Link to Leibniz Institute website



December 2012: Successful beamtime proposals mean that it is time to do some experiments!

European Synchrotron Research Facility Beamtime Award: "Improving evaluation of adsorptive hydrogen storage materials: in-situ tracking of the effects of extreme temperatures and pressures on pore size" €30,000

Science and Technology Facilites Council Beamtime Award: "Investigation of pseudo-condensation of supercritical H2 in nanoporous hydrogen storage materials studied via small angle neutron scattering" - £23,700

Science and Technology Facilites Council Beamtime Award:"Investigation of pore filling via pseudo-condensation of supercritical hydrogen in nanoporous hydrogen storage materials on NIMROD"- £47,4000



December 2012:Funding awarded from EPSRC Directed Assembly Network

Funding awarded from the Directed Assembly Network - £10,500

Link to news article on University of Bath website



October 2012:Welcome to Bath! New DTA PhD in smart nanomaterials

Andrew Physick, previously from Cardiff University, has joined the group on a fully-funded PhD project to carry out research into responsive materials for gas trapping



September 2012:Valeska participated in the inaugural Bath Ignite

Ignite at the University of Bath - learn something about materials for hydrogen storage research in 3 minutes flat!

Link to Bath Ignite on Youtube



Older posts:

Valeska, Nuno and Tim interviewed for an article on hydrogen-powered cars in Automotive Design

Opinions on onboard hydrogen storage. An article in Automotive Design.

Link to Article


"Plenty of room at the bottom : nanoengineered materials for hydrogen storage"

Valeska, Anna and Nuno presented at the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution as part of the Speaking of Research seminar series.

Link to BRLSI article

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