The Numerical Analysis group in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Bath is led by Professors Budd, Graham, Scheichl, and A. Spence and has expertise in all areas of numerical analysis, including numerical linear algebra (Freitag, Gazzola, Hook, A. Spence), high-frequency scattering (Graham, E. Spence), high-performance computing (Dolgov, Mueller, Scheichl), stochastic differential equations (Dolgov, Graham, Mueller, Scheichl, Shardlow), adaptivity and geometric integration (Budd, Hill), imaging and inverse problems (Ehrhardt, Gazzola, Shardlow) and data assimilation (Budd, Freitag, Scheichl). We maintain an active seminar programme, welcome applications for PhD studies, and are always happy to discuss research problems in all areas of scientific computing and numerical analysis!

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