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University Radio Bath to broadcast the world's first duck radio show

In a global exclusive, University Radio Bath have signed a contract to host the world's very first duck show, Wingin' It.
1st April 2015
Head of Online

The airwaves have gone quackers...

Bath is known globally for its extensive wildlife and duck community, and it has been announced today that University Radio Bath will be launching a world-first: the first duck radio show.

Titled 'Wingin' It', presenter Tim Jones will be hosting the show with local Bath personality (and feathered creature) Daphne, after rounds of auditions to find the best candidate. It will be presented in a mixture of English and Duck, whilst songs will be placed through the world's first duck language converter built by Chief Engineer Gilbert Holland-Lloyd.

Station Manager Jonty Usborne said, "This is a real breakthrough. Bath has always been known for its duck community and it's great for our station to be all-inclusive, and the real leaders in this kind of broadcasting. It's been in the works for many years but it's finally here."

After speaking to the University of Bath Management, speakers will also be placed by the lake to expand listenership to ducks so they can hear their colleague firsthand.

The show, which is bound to ruffle some feathers, will consist of tracks from Billy Joel, and feature Florence and the Machine's 'What the Water Gave Me'.

Presenter Tim said, "I'm over the moon. I can't believe I get to present such an iconic show - hopefully it will all go swimmingly."

Wingin' It can be heard each Saturday at 10am on University Radio Bath*

*not really

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