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If you win tonight's £57.8m Lotto jackpot, you'll be richer than these British singers...

9th January 2016 marks a record National Lottery jackpot, where someone WILL win! If it's you, you could be richer than Adele. Fingers crossed.
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Huzzah, it's a BIG night for Britain!

Tonight (9th Jan) sees a record high for the Lottery prize pot, and experts are predicting 400 tickets will be sold PER SECOND. After many no-wins and rollovers, the money will be won/shared even if all 6 numbers are not guessed. But if you happen to possess a very lucky set of 6 numbers, you'll walk away with nearly 60 MILLION QUID (not bad eh?) and be richer than these rich singers. We're guessing your student finance Sainsbury's Basics days would be over too.

Adele - £50 million

Bearing in mind these stats were released before the release of latest album 25, it's going to be a big jump. But going from before, your lottery winnings would make you richer than the Nation's Greatest Set of Lungs so you could probs afford an Adele concert in your backyard. Every day.

x2 One Direction Members - £50 million

That's right, each member of One Direction is worth around £25 million, so you'd be worth 2-and-a-bit of 1D.

Why so serious?

Kylie Minogue - £55 million

The UK's favourite Aussie pop princess has earned a whopping £55 million. We should be so lucky...


Chris Martin - £52 million

Pre-A Head Full of Dreams, Martin's estimated fortune is valued at this much. Yep, we'd be this happy too.

But you won't be as rich as these people...

Lord Lloyd-Webber - £650m
Sir Elton John - £270m
Sir Mick Jagger - £225m
Sir Tom Jones - £150m
Calvin Harris - £70m
Gary Barlow - £65m

Soz guys, still got a long way to go.

(Numbers obtained from the Sunday Times Rich List 2015.)

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