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SU Officer Elections 2017

It’s that time of year again – prepare to be hounded as you make your way from one side of Parade to another. Time for catchy slogans, colourful t-shirts, (carefully regulated) mayhem, and a spike in Yik Yak complaints… Will anyone abolish 8.15s and lobby the government for a 3 day weekend? How many candidates will mention the lack of library and study space? How much time can you shorten your lectures by through listening to election speeches? Friends, colleagues, we are about to find out.

On a side note, we wonder if anyone will take a leaf out of Bruce’s book (Bath Spa’s SU President), and give us a music video? Personally, we’d like someone to have a crack at that dance from Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry’. You can thank us for it later…

Exit Polls

We surveyed students asking who they voted for. While some candidates have taken a clear lead in the polls, some positions are far too close to call.

Results announced in...

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The Candidates

University Radio Bath has done the hard work for you. We've read the manifestos, dug around, and invited all the candidates into our studios to convince you to vote for them. Check out our interviews below and make up your own mind...

SU President

Jack 'Jev' Evans
Hugues Chopard
Ben Davies
Jason Saldanha
Harry Rushworth

Postgraduate Officer

Liam Emery

Education Officer

Meg Murphy
Dominic Jones
Chloe Page
Creina O'Shea

Community Officer

Ellen Edenbrow
Julie Fulepova
Ben Palmer
Izzy Green

Activities Officer

Kimberley Pickett-McAtackney
Beth Stevenson

Sports Officer

Izzy Phillips
Will Galloway

Opinion Polls

Before polls opened, we surveyed students and asked who they would vote for. There are too many undecided voters to draw any concrete conclusions here, but this is how the candidates fared...

Ask a Candidate

Do you have a question you feel we should pose to the candidates? Let us know what matters most to you, and we'll bring up your questions during candidate interviews and hustings.
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