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Should you listen to RTJ2? Our handy guide

Killer Mike and EL-P have released their second album under the Run The Jewels moniker. The first one was incredible, but should you listen to this one? Take our quiz to find out!

Are you a fuckboy?

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Are you sure you're not a fuckboy?

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A King is giving you shit, what do you do?

A) Be a fuckboy
B) Say, "Suck my dick, King!"

Zach de la Rocha tells you to close your eyes and count to fuck, what do you do?

A) I'm struggling to see the point of this
B) Close your eyes and count to fuck

You've made it this far, don't be a fuckboy now

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A) I'd like to speak to the manager, I really don't know how this constitutes a quiz and I'm feeling like I've wasted my time
B) Am I a fuck boy? If you ask me one more time I'm going to put an AK-Dick in you

All A? Sorry, you're a fuckboy and RTJ2 might not be for you

All B? Go listen to RTJ2 and then listen to it again


Dot to Dot Festival: Who not to miss!

Are you wondering where you can see the best emerging bands and artists? Well look no further! Dot to Dot Festival is around the corner and we?ve got the low-down on who you need to see.