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LISTEN to the first Busted song in 12 years!

It's called 'Coming Home', and it's probably not what you expect.
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It's official: Busted are really back.

Ever since Busted announced that they were reforming - like FULLY reforming with Charlie Simpson - we've been excited for new music and to see what sound they go for. Our inner 8-year-old selves were jumping up and down with invisible air guitars and everything. Are we going to be rocking out again? Are they going to be causing more trouble for air hostesses and school teachers across the country? Have Charlie's eyebrows changed after all these years? They're hardly a boyband anymore and it's the first time we've had new material with the trio (discounting McBusted for now).

Ahead of their 'Pigs Can Fly' tour, Busted dropped 'Coming Home' today - and you can actually download it for FREE here

One thing's for sure - the boys have grown up and this is definitely different. It's a much more toned-down, mellow electro track. We also don't think 8-year-old us would be dropping f-bombs like this.

Listen to 'Coming Home' here:

Here's a photo of Busted with a pig. Which probably definitely can't fly.

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